Hi There


Tenna Rasmussen, Social Media Stylist and Professional Organizer

Friends, I couldn't be happier that you are here! And I'm so ready to help you have more time for your biz and yourself by handling your graphics for you. 

I'm Tenna, a serial soloprenuer who has owned small businesses since 2010.  I started my professional organizing business, Organized to a T, because I've always had a desire to make people's lives easier. In that case it was by organizing their homes, businesses and lives. In the case of Easy Breezy Creative (EBC), it's by creating, organizing and implementing their social media marketing plans. 

I started EBC because I saw (and heard) a need from my fellow entrepreneurs for someone to take over a majorly important portion of their biz. They didn't have hours to dedicate to creating content, designing graphics, scheduling postings and responding to comments.  And you can forget keeping up with the ever changing social media landscape.  I was able to use my skills from a previous life spent in advertising to tell the story of their biz and themselves through graphics! 

When I'm not making my biz besties' lives easier or leaving a little glitter wherever I go, I'm a die hard Steelers fan, a red velvet aficionado, an award winning rescue pup snuggler and lover of all trees. 


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