Well, hey Y'all!

Well, hey Y'all!

I’ve been meaning to blog for a year now.

Yep, you read that right. I officially designated Easy Breezy Creative as it’s own business (officially separating from my other business) almost exactly a year ago. And “start blogging!” has been on my to-do list ever since.

Better late then never?

Now to be fair, I’ve been busy. I have a handful of clients on monthly retainers. I have a flow of one-off projects. I spoke at a conference and created 6 or 7 PowerPoint decks for other presenters there. Plus you know, had a personal life.

But truthfully the delay was also due in some (not so small) part to my perfectionism and worry about how my blog would be received (or heck, if anyone would even read that dang thing!). I was worried I would never get it to the point of being worthy of being published. That my general lack of technical writing skills would be very obvious (like my spelling and extreme overuse of commas). That I would never keep a regular schedule for posting. My brain naturally thought “well then just don’t bother!”.

My brain isn’t very smart sometimes.

Here’s the ironic thing: I actually enjoy writing and sharing with people. If I can make a fellow small biz owner’s life easier with a simple blog post, it would make my whole month! I’ve always been a helper, even as a kid. It’s why I started a professional organizing business. And why I started a graphic styling business.  I love to help.

It was with that realization, that I finally got over myself, said “screw YOU perfectionism” and banged out this post. I’m hoping to show up weekly but more importantly, I’m hoping to produce good content that will help you be a better small business owner. I hope I can share my love of creating visuals for my fellow lady bosses that doesn’t mean having a 5 figure marketing budget.  I hope to tackle that overwhelming feeling you have when you open up Canva and stare at a blank stare. I hope to make you nod your head, not feel so alone in this entrepreneurship journey and maybe even laugh.

I hope to help.

Until next time, with love and pineapples,


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